Nytt medlem: Blueday Technology AS

Publisert 2. January, 2018

Blueday Technology is a System Integrator providing SMART Power Generation Solution, Integrated Automation Systems and mechanical package solutions for the Oil&Gas and Marine markets

The company was established in 2013 and has already become recognized for the development and supply of complete power and automation systems for onshore power system, ships and ferries, drilling rigs and major oil installations.

Above all, it is our environmentally-friendly hybrid systems that are generating most excitement in the market. Our systems offer cost savings through increased electrification, less fuel consumption, reduced emissions and improved efficiency.

In 2016, the Company merged with its subsidiary in Bømlo (formerly SMART Automation), which boasted close to 40 years’ experience in the development of vessel guidance and control systems. The merger has enabled us to supplement our technical expertise and operate in a class of our own in the field of the innovative interplay between automation and power engineering systems.

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