Porsgrund & Omegn Seafareres’ Union

Publisert 20. October, 2016

On Monday the 17th of October Maritime Forum South (MFS), represented by Chair of Board Helge Grobæk was invited to speak at Porsgrund & Omegn Seafareres’ union (POS) meeting. The event was led by the Chair of Board for POS, Helge Larsen.


Helge Larsen and Helge Grobæk

Porsgrund & Omegns Seafareres’ union was founded on the 22nd of January in 1847 and have been an important contributor to the regions maritime industry over soon to be 170 years. Participants from Maritime 5 Telemark also joined the event on Monday, together with MFS and POS. Maritime 5 Telemark consists of all the seafareres’ union within the county, from Kragerø to Skien.

The maritime industry is, as it has always been, a volatile industry within a global marketplace. Today the industry is facing several challenges that encourages the industry yet again to join forces, to look at new collaborations and develop new solutions.

Earlier this year MFS and GCENODE established a new collaboration, and we are now looking into establishing a local branch of MFS in Telemark. MFS thanks POS and Helge Larsen for the invitation and we are looking forward to the continued collaboration throughout the industry.