The New Maritim21 Strategy

Publisert 7. November, 2016

The Norwegian Government has taken the initiative to draw up a new integrated strategy for research, development and innovation in the maritime sector. The strategy will follow up and replace a corresponding document from 2010.
Yesterday the Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries Monica Mæland received the report from The Research Council of Norway at the “Ålesundskonferansen”. This document is intended to encourage research, development and innovation that contributes to sustainable growth and value creation and boosts the competitiveness of the maritime industries. Ties between the public authorities, public agencies in the research and innovation system, the business sector, organizations and research groups will be vital to promoting integrated thinking.

The new Maritim21 strategy is one of a long line of research strategies for the 21st century that have been drawn up in Norway in the past 10–15 years. These include the OG21 (oil and gas), Energi21 (energy), HAV21 (marine) and Health&Care21 strategies.

Maritime industry is one of the most important industries in Norway both in value added and employment.  The strategy process leading up to Maritim21 has been thorough and are rooted in the industry, with the Research Council of Norway as coordinator.

Both GCE NODE and Maritimt Forum South have been active in the input phase, and we thank all our members for their part taking and contribution with valuable views and suggestions.

The report can be ordered from