Rapp Marine signerer nye «Odd Lundberg»

Publisert 19. July, 2017

This is the third generation of owners from the shipping company Odd Lundberg AS, who have selected deck machinery from Rapp Marine.

-The owner’s new pride is a combined ring-net and and pelagic trawler and will be equipped with a complete electric deck machinery solution from Rapp Marine. The new building will be optimized for the company’s operation.

Mats Lundberg, who together with his younger brother Stian sail on board as Skipper and Chief Engineer, are both fourth generation fishermen in the family-owned shipping company Odd Lundberg AS, whose history dates back to 1918.The Lundberg brothers tell us that the feedback from their colleagues, who have experience with other types of fishing vessels with electric winches, is that they are smoother in operation and fish better. – Whether this effect is measurable will become apparent when the vessel is operating, but anyway it is an arrow pointing in the right direction, towards the future, says Mats Lundberg at Odd Lundberg AS.

-In the process of selecting equipment, we felt that Rapp Marine was the supplier that satisfied our requirements and had the most innovative solutions. -It can also be said of the previous deliveries; that Rapp Marine has always been the one who has met our demands at a reasonable price, confirms Lundberg.